Dinner Menu

Antipasti, Insalata, Pizza & Pasta

" L’appetito vien mangiando "
(The appetite comes while you’re eating.)

"The food is fresh and so so good. The atmosphere is comfortable and modern.

This is a very nice break from the norm right here in Orcutt. You get what you pay for here: it's classy, tasty, and authentic.

If something is not on the menu that you want, they do their best to prepare it for you. I love that! Like the Chicken Piccata. Salivating. As if that's not enough, Chef Alfonso has a huge heart for this community and he is the real deal and a bona fide Italian gentleman and chef.

Make an appointment, show up early and drink a cocktail while you wait for your table, try one of the specials AND get a dessert! The chef is also a pastry chef so it's no wonder his creme brûlée is on point. Order one of their wood-fire pizzas, enjoy the bread made from scratch, and wear some nice clothes because this is a touch of class." - Israel Gonzales